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APC Auto Spa - Where the Details Matter.

Welcome to APC Auto Spa, where every vehicle is a masterpiece waiting to shine. Whether you're a mom ensuring a safe and pristine ride for your family, a car enthusiast prepping for the next big show, or someone who simply loves their vehicle, we're here to elevate your automotive experience in the Seattle and Snohomish regions.

Why trust APC Auto Spa for your auto detailing needs?

  • Versatility in Service: From daily drivers to show-stoppers, we've been enhancing and protecting vehicles with Ceramic Pro coatings since 2015.

  • CARFAX Reporting: We're committed to maintaining your vehicle's value and trust. That's why we're one of the rare auto spas that report directly to CARFAX, ensuring your warranties are always up-to-date.

  • Tailored Approach: Every vehicle has its unique needs. Whether it's the family SUV or a gleaming sports car, our specialists craft solutions that align perfectly with your vehicle's requirements.

Our Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coatings, and Paint Protection Film Services.

  • Auto Detailing: Experience a transformative detailing service that ensures your vehicle is always at its radiant best, whether for daily commutes or special events.

  • Ceramic Coatings: Immerse your vehicle in the enduring brilliance of Ceramic Pro coatings, offering elite protection against wear and tear.

  • Paint Protection Film: Defend your vehicle's lustrous finish against daily challenges, ensuring it remains as captivating as the day you fell in love with it.

For Every Journey, Every Memory.

At APC Auto Spa, we believe in the stories each journey tells. From school runs to the roar of an engine on a car show ramp, we're here to ensure those stories shine brilliantly. Come experience the commitment, expertise, and warmth that sets us apart.

Discover the world of APC Auto Spa, where every detail matters and every vehicle is treated with the respect it deserves.

What do our customers think of APC Auto Spa?

"I can't speak more highly of the team here at APC auto. I took my car in for a full Ceramic Pro Kavaca PPF. They are an elite Ceramic Pro dealer! Colin who works at the front office was very professional and always kept me in the loop in terms of the work they were doing on my Porsche Cayman. Mike who installed the PPF walked me through the process of how he installed it, and I could tell he took extra care of my car. A great benefit is their free loaner, which helped since I live about an hour away. If you are looking for outstanding customer service, quality, professionalism, and attention to detail...look no further! I will definitely be back at APC Auto Spa!"

"I took my 2018 Mazda in for a full auto detailing service and it came back to me lookin like I just bought it brand new! There were many crumbs and dust before I took it in and I literally couldn't find one crumb after! My family will continue taking our vehicles to Auto Spa for the amazing services they offer and always 5 star customer service!"

"Have used these guys on 3 occasions for both of my cars. Had a PPF and ceramic coat put on one car and on the other a ceramic coat. Both cars look incredible. Great group at APC and they back their work - could not be happier with the results!"


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