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Aktiv Autobalsam Vinyl - Rubber Extra

Nextzett Vinyl-RUbber Extra
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Product Details

New longer lasting protection

  • For exterior trim and bumpers, tires, tonneau covers, window seals and convertible tops
  • Dust and water-resistant finish
  • Non-greasy, low gloss finish
  • Strong UV protection
  • Reconditions dry dashboards and interior trim
  • Restores color to faded plastic trim
  • Outperforms competition in longevity and performance
  • Vinyl-Rubber Extra is a highly effective treatment for plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces such as tires, unpainted plastic trim and tonneau covers with extra lasting protection. Protects surfaces from fading and restores faded surfaces to like-new condition. Cleans light dirt while deep penetrating conditioning oils recondition to prevent drying and cracking due to the effects of heat, sun, weather and pollution. Restores color to faded surfaces and applies a weather-resistant seal that protects against UV rays which causes fading. Provides a low-shine, water-resistant and dust-resistant finish.

    Also for use on all non-automotive related applications that receive sun and weather exposure such as:

    • Outdoor sports equipment
    • Grill Covers
    • Patio furniture
    • Tarps
    • Rafts
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