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Interior and Exterior Detailing your vehicle for the fall and winter months

Winter weather and snow are coming, are you prepared?

As the evenings get cooler and the leaves start to change colors, it is time to prepare your vehicle for the change of season too!

You probably already know to check your tires and windshield wipers, but have you thought about the detailing side of your vehicle? With the weather not too hot and not too cold, now is the perfect time to do some deep cleaning with both Interior and Exterior detailing.

Exterior detailing

  • Give your vehicle a thorough wash with a PH neutral soap. Get all those bugs off the bumper and out of the grill, remove any remaining pollen from those window seals, and scrub those wheels! This is a good time for a decontamination and fall out removal wash with clay to get the deep debris out of the pores of your clear coat. Be sure to blow off or towel dry after to avoid water spots and drips.

  • Apply a ceramic coating or sealant. This will not only help with the dirt and debris, but also makes snow and ice removal easier. If we are being honest with ourselves, we aren’t going to wash our vehicle very often in the winter months and this will help keep it protected. The ravages of winter are hard on our paint and this simple step now will save you time and money later!

  • Don’t forget your windshield! Glass can be decontaminated with clay and protected with a sealant or ceramic coating just as easily as your paint. As the night comes earlier and the rains start back up, you will be happy you didn’t skip this step.

  • Our exterior detailing services are:

Interior Detailing

  • We have had lots of opportunities to use our vehicles air conditioning this summer and now it’s time to get those air vents cleaned and ready for the heat to turn on. A good interior cleaner, brush, and some compressed air or vacuum cleaner is all you need to remove the dust and debris. You can also change your cabin air filter to get rid of any of those summer smells.

  • Vacuum, and I don’t mean the normal quick vacuum either. Remove the floor mats and move the seats up and back to get underneath. The underside of that child seat will need some attention as well. This is the time to get all the hard-to-reach areas and find all the Legos and french fries left over from your summer adventures. Remove the carpet floor matts and put in the rubber ones. This will protect the carpet from the dirt and grime that comes with the rain and snow on our shoes.

  • As hard as the hot sun and UV rays can be on the seats and dash, the cold weather does its fair share of harm to our plastic and leather surfaces too. Taking the time to clean and condition those surfaces now will save you money in the long run. We already have the rest of the interior deep cleaned so this is the perfect time for this once-a-year chore.

  • Our interior detailing services are:

Halloween is coming and so is Christmas!

The change of season is coming fast, and the holidays will be here before we know it. There are probably Halloween inflatables going up in the stores as I type this which means Christmas trees are coming soon!

We have everything you need to do these maintenance items at home, or we are here to do them for you. We are here to answer any questions you may have or help you pick the right service for your vehicle and budget.

Check out our online scheduling,, and see when we can get you in. There is a spot to reserve a courtesy vehicle for your appointment as well.

Our retail store is waiting for you to stop by or we can ship items to your home for you!

We are here to answer any questions you may have or help you pick the right service for your vehicle and budget. Stop by, give us a call at 425-818-2820, or email us at

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