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How often should I wash my vehicle?


If you use your vehicle often, you will see it quickly accumulates dirt and spots from the rain. The recent snow didn't help things either. Washing it takes time and money, so how often makes the most sense?

Dirty vehicle with salt and road debris stuck on the painted surfaces

This time of year, it is best to wash off all the remnants of the snow we had. Salt, sand, and brine are no good for your paint and can cause damage. Getting the outside cleaned and protected now will make your life much easier when the cottonwoods drop and the pollen flies! We suggest a Ceramic Coating, fast wax, or silica sealant after its all cleaned up to provide extra protection you will need for Spring.


Do not forget the interior! All that winter debris has been tracked inside and brought some moisture along with it. Make sure to thoroughly dry and vacuum the carpets and mats to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Now is a good time to check and clean the seals around the windows and doors before we get Spring rains too.

Clean interior


Do not forget your wheels! Both the faces and the barrels will have taken a beating and need to be cleaned with a specific cleaner and brush made just to address your wheels. Leaving them dirty will cause damage over time and may lead to the need to replace them, which is not cheap!

Clean wheels with Alloy Gator rim guards

When Spring hits be sure to rinse off the pollen as soon as possible to prevent it from sticking. Any sap can be gently removed with a soft towel and isopropyl alcohol. Leaving sap or bird droppings on your paint for any length of time will permanently etch the top layer of your clear coat, so be sure to handle those issues immediately.

If you do not have that butter soft new car feeling to your paint anymore, it might be time to do a decontamination wash. This process uses a lubrication and clay to remove the tiny dirt and debris from the pores of your clear coat. They get clogged up with things we cannot see just like our faces do! We suggest doing this once a year, but it really depends on how much your vehicle is exposed to the elements. If you put a plastic bag on your hand and gently rub across your paint and it sticks, it is time to decontaminate!

We have all the supplies you need to complete all these maintenance items for you in our retail store and can also do them for you. You can check out all the services we offer on our website and even book your appointment online! We are always here to answer any questions you may have and help you make the best decisions for your vehicle and budget. Give us a call at 425-818-2820.

You are now ready for summer and cleaning up your vehicle after that car show or camping trip will be a breeze! Check back in the Fall to see how we recommend prepping for the Winter months.


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