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April showers bring...water spots and pollen?

Spring is finally here!

So are the allergies from the cotton woods, pollen from those beautiful flowers and trees, and rain…lots of rain. Rain combined with pollen will create nasty water spots on your car. You will see light green and yellow circles or streaks on the surface of the paint after the rain hits the pollen.

Not only is this mess an eyesore, but it is also actually damaging your vehicle! There are little thorns on the grains of pollen that help it hold on and the acids in it are activated with water. As the materials in the pollen break down, more acid is introduced, which like bird droppings begins to etch into the clear coat.

Having your vehicle coated with Ceramic Pro will help, but even that additional layer will see water spot etching if you do not properly wash your vehicle. Just like the rain is activating those acids, so is the quick rinse that makes it look like the pollen is gone is not enough either.

Have you seen someone shooting foam from a cannon to wash their vehicle? Now is the time for you join in the fun.

They have a foam cannon that attaches to either your hose or pressure washer, making this an amazing tool that everyone can use at home. Add some soap, such as Kenotek Snow foam shampoo, and start shooting!

Always start at the top and work your way down. This allows the soap to adhere to the contaminates and drip them down and off the vehicle. When you start at the top with your microfiber mitt you will have a slick, contaminate free surface to work with so you aren’t creating swirls. Rinse your mitt often and don’t forget to put your grit guard in the bucket. This simple piece of plastic traps any particles in the bottom of your bucket so they don’t get onto your mitt. Using compressed air, your leaf blower, a shammy, or your Dry Me Crazy drying towel make sure you completely dry off the vehicle, starting from the top and working your way down.

Pollen from trees can be harmful to your paint

The worst time for tree pollen is Seattle is the month of April. Flowering trees have stickier pollens, but they don’t travel as far so avoid parking near one. You won’t be able to avoid the far flying pollens trees like maple, cottonwood, and cedars produce so it’s best to wash your vehicle once a week this month. If you haven’t washed the winter off your vehicle as described in our previous blog, plan on doing it as soon as possible! Starting with a smooth, fresh surface will make this month’s washes much easier.

APC Auto Spa is always here to help. We have all the supplies you need to maintain your vehicle at home and offer services that fit every budget. Give us a call and we can help you walk through the options and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that when those April showers go away, we will have May flowers too!


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