Proper Hand Washes

Our team has been trained to use proper washing techniques to ensure your vehicle receives a thorough and safe cleaning inside and out. 


All products we use in the shop are also available for purchase in our retail store.

APC Hand Wash

$85 Car
$110 Truck & SUV
*3rd row additional

Recommended 1x Month

  • Proper waterless wash 

  • Interior vacuum

  • Window Cleaning

  • Clean door jambs

  • Wheel face & barrel cleaning

  • Exhaust Tips cleaned

  • Window cleaning (inside & out)

  • Top off windshield washer fluid

  • Tire dressing (optional)

APC Hand Wash + Surface Decontamination and Protection

$185 Car
$225 Truck & SUV
*3rd row additional

Recommended 2x Year

  • Everything from APC Hand Wash

  • Fallout removal

  • Clay bar Decontamination

  • Silica sealant for gloss and hydrophobic protection (lasts ~3 months)