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STEK Fashion paint protection film - combine style with protection!

Upgrade your vehicle's protection and style with

STEK fashion paint protection film!

Choosing STEK over traditional vinyl films means you're getting a premium-quality product that delivers both form and function. STEK fashion films are designed to withstand the toughest road conditions, protecting your paint from scratches, chips, and fading. Not only does STEK fashion film offer superior protection, but it also allows you to customize your vehicle with a range of colored films to choose from.


When it comes to installation, trust the experts at APC Auto Spa. Our team of trained technicians will ensure a clean and precise installation, giving you peace of mind and a vehicle that looks as good as new.


So why settle for less? Choose STEK fashion paint protection film and APC Auto Spa for the ultimate in vehicle protection and style.

Check out all the colors and styles available:

Hydrophobic (repels water) properties
STEK clear bra
Paint Protection Film


DYNOprism gives you a beautiful and eye popping multi-color prismatic metal flake finish. Hydrophobic and self-healing, paint protection film has never been so fashionable.



DYNOcarbon creates a protective and color-matching Carbon Fiber pattern on any finish. This is hydrophobic, self-healing Paint Protection Film with a Carbon Fiber pattern. 

Comes in black-carbon, clear-gloss, and semi-gloss.



Sleek and eye-catching, DYNOdamascus offers first-rate protective features within its bold finish. Add dynamic texture to your original paintwork with our proprietary damascus design, and stay protected in style. 

Comes in clear or black backing.

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