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Our shop Manager at the Tukwila location is David!

With a career spanning back to 2017 in the world of auto detailing, David is not just a manager, but an aficionado of automobiles and their pristine appearance. His journey in the industry began humbly, perfecting the art of detailing and ceramic coating. However, his dedication, hard work, and unrelenting passion for keeping cars immaculate propelled him swiftly into the realm of paint protection film installation.

David's discerning eye for detail isn't just a skill – it's a way of life. Every car that enters our shop under his watchful gaze is treated to an experience that transcends mere cleaning and detailing. It's a transformation, a revival of the car's inherent beauty that only someone with David's expertise can deliver.


His prowess doesn't stop at the technical aspects of auto care; it extends to the heart of customer service. David's warm demeanor and genuine passion for automobiles create a unique bond with each customer. Whether you're an auto enthusiast seeking advice or someone who simply wants to bring back that showroom shine, David's years of experience and personalized approach make every visit a remarkable and unique experience.

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