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Dr. Beasley's Matte Final Finish

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Product Details

MATTE FINAL FINISH is a matte-safe detail spray for touch-ups and light contamination. Perfect for removing dust, fingerprints, fresh water spots and other minor messes on matte or satin finishes. Formulated without silicone's, waxes or fillers to maintain an even matte finish.

CLEANS LIGHT CONTAMINANTS Gentle formula removes dust, finger prints and smudges that appear between washes

WON’T ADD SHINE Made without waxes, silicone's or fillers to maintain matte finish while cleaning

GOES ON EASY High lubricity formula ensures smooth application and removal for reduced abrasion

VINYL AND FILM COMPATIBLE Also works with matte decals, wraps and paint protection film

Bottle Size 12oz

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