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Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film?

Both provide a layer of protection, but they are not the same type of protective layer! Knowing the difference between the two will help you understand what best fits your need and budget.

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings

Applying a ceramic shell to your vehicle is like giving it an expendable or sacrificial clear coat. Swirl marks and other kinds of harm will be in the coating and not on your clear coat! Utilizing Nanotechnology, this fluid polymer contains minuscule particles that unite to frame an incredibly thin and translucent layer that is totally imperceptible to the exposed eye. This glossy, even, and profoundly slippery (hydrophobic) layer brings down the surface strain helping forestall harm from natural contaminations, for example, feathered creature droppings, bugs, soil, tar, acrid rain, mineral stores and other acidic pollutants. Because of the hydrophobic properties water without any problem contains these acidic pollutants and they slide off the surface. That is the reason individuals state that Ceramic Coated vehicle's clean themselves!

Having a different coating type specific to the area it's being applied helps to make sure the protection lasts as long as possible.
Ceramic Pro Coatings for all types of surfaces!

And more information on Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings can be found here:

Paint Protection Film - Clear Bra

Applying Kavaca by Ceramic Pro or Stek paint protection film to your vehicle gives it more strength and resistance to damage than a Ceramic Coating can. Typically applied to the forward facing pieces of your vehicle it will take the hit from the car in front of you and save you from getting a rock chip! It is a thick physically barrier between your clear coat and the world that takes those small rock chips and minor scratches and self heals! If you get chemical damage, bug splatter, water spots, tree sap, or other chemical etch marks on your vehicle we can simply remove the paint protection film and your vehicle will look brand new again. This gives you much more protection than a Ceramic Coating, but offers the same glossy, smooth, hydrophobic surface that you get from the Ceramic Coating.

Film is installed wet with a mixture of soap and water.
Installation of Paint Protection Film

More information on Paint Protection film can be found here:

Both Paint Protection Film and a Ceramic Coating?

It is quite possible to unite both methods of protecting your car for a comprehensive shield. With paint protection film, the whole front portion of the automobile can be covered and protected, including the hood, bumper, fenders, headlights, fog lights, mirror caps, door edges, and door cups. Picking up a Ceramic Coating for the other painted parts of the vehicle will give you absolute security. The coating packages also involve your wheels and windshield so all automobiles parts will effortlessly eradicate water when you drive!

Full front coverage includes the front bumper, hood, fenders, headlights, fog lights, mirror caps, door edges, and door cups.
Full Front Coverage

Which package is best for me?

It depends on the car, how extensive you aim to make it, your driving and safekeeping habits, as well as your financial plan. We offer various choices varying from complete vehicle paint protection film at the costly end of the scale to a humble Ceramic Pro Sport pack for under $500 on the majority of vehicles. We'd be delighted to guide you through the alternatives and establish what'll work best for you and your car. After experiencing the hydrophobic surface repudiating water you will want one of these protective layers covering every vehicle of yours!

You can see water beading or being repelled on the roof of this car. That is the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating working!
Hydrophobic means repelling or failing to mix with water

Visit us in Monroe, drop us off an email at, or dial 425-818-2820 so that we can help you make the suitable decision and show you the selections available.

We have a retail store full of detailing supplies for the DIY's out there too.


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