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Why APC Auto Spa is the Gold standard for vehicle detailing in King and Snohomish County.

Cars are more than just a mode of transportation. For many, they are a reflection of personal style, a source of pride, and a reflection of one's character. That is why when it comes to taking care of our vehicle's, only the best will do. Enter APC Auto Spa, the official Ceramic Pro Seattle and Snohomish Elite Dealer, setting the gold standard for vehicle detailing and protection in the Pacific Northwest.

APC Auto Spa is Ceramic Pro Snohomish and Ceramic Pro Seattle Elite dealers.

Every Detail Matters

At APC Auto Spa, "Where the Details Matter" is more than just a tagline. It's the essence of every service, every touch, and every interaction. Each vehicle is seen as unique, and the APC team ensures that every detail, no matter how minute, is given the utmost attention.

Detailing Beyond Clean

Beyond cleaning, APC's detailing process is about restoring, preserving, and enhancing. The APC team, trained and dedicated, dives deep into the nuances of each vehicle, ensuring every nook, cranny, and surface gleams with perfection. Whether it's reviving the lushness of a leather seat or bringing back the mirror-like shine on the paintwork, APC Auto Spa's detailing process ensures your vehicle looks as stunning as the day it first hit the road.

Transparent Pricing

In the diverse world of automotive care, it's essential to find a place where trust isn't just a word - it's a commitment. At APC Auto Spa, we pride ourselves on offering services grounded in transparency and integrity. It doesn't matter if you're driving a family minivan, a sleek sports car, or an everyday commuter vehicle; our dedication to fair pricing remains unwavering. We believe in treating every customer with respect and consistency. With us, you can be confident that our prices don't fluctuate based on who you are and what you drive. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service and value, ensuring every vehicle and owner feels valued and cared for. For added transparency, all our prices are clearly listed on our website, so you know exactly what to expect with no hidden surprises.

Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings make an invisible shield on your vehicle. Being an Elite dealer with Ceramic Pro we are able to offer the latest technology, Ceramic Pro ION.

Ceramic Coating: The Invisible Shield

The rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest can be harsh on vehicles. This is where Ceramic Pro coatings, a trusted name in the industry, comes into play. As an Elite dealer, APC Auto Spa not only offers this protective layer but master's it's application. The result? A vehicle that doesn't just shine, but also resists the wear and tear of the elements, ensuring lasting beauty.

Ceramic Pro coatings go beyond traditional protection. They offer a hydrophobic effect, making the water bead up and roll off the surface, reducing water spots and contaminants. This means less time washing and more time admiring.

More information on Ceramic Packages at our Monroe location:

More information on Ceramic Packages at our Tukwila location:

Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, PPF is for rock chip prevention and a superior barrier to ceramic coatings to anything the PNW can throw at it.

Paint Protection Film: The Clear Armor

While Ceramic Pro coatings shield at a microscopic level, APC Auto Spa understands the value of physical protection. Enter Kavaca Paint Protection Film (PPF), or as many know it clear bra. Also made by Ceramic Pro, this transparent, strong film acts as a bodyguard for your vehicle's paint, warding off potential scratches, stone chips, and other road debris. When combined with a ceramic coating, it's a double shield of protection ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition.

More information on our Paint Protection Film packages:

Tinted Paint Protection FIlm for your headlights, fog lights, and tailights:

The comfortable waiting area and lobby in Tukwila, WA. Free wifi and coffee are always available.
Ceramic Pro Seattle in Tukwila, WA.

Personalized Protection Packages

At APC Auto Spa, it's not about just selling a package; it's about understanding the needs of each vehicle and it's owner. Instead of pushing the most expensive package, APC curates offerings tailored to what the vehicle needs and what the owner values.

It's a commitment to personalized service, ensuring optimal protection and satisfaction.

Read our blog about choosing the right ceramic coating package for your vehicle:

Read our blog for help decided between a coating and film:

The comfortable lobby, retail store, and waiting area in Monroe, WA. Free wifi and free coffee and always available.
Ceramic Pro Snohomish in Monroe, WA

More than just vehicle detailing

What makes APC Auto Spa stand out isn't just their exceptional services but also their commitment to the customer experience. From licensed and insured operations to offering courtesy loaner vehicles by reservation, they ensure a seamless and hassle-free process for every client.

The APC philosophy extends beyond services. It's about building lasting relationships. The team at APC wants to understand not just your vehicle, but also your aspirations for it. The goal isn't a one time service, but an ongoing relationship, ensuring your vehicle remains in prime condition throughout its life.

APC's affiliation with Ceramic Pro stems from believing in providing the best. And with thousands of vehicle's served, we have a proven track record of delivering on that promise.

See what our customers have said about their experience:


In the realm of auto care, APC Auto Spa stands as a testament to excellence, dedication, and genuine care. It's not just about impeccable detailing, ceramic coatings, and protective film; it's about a commitment to every vehicle and every individual behind the wheel. Whether you are looking for a deep clean, a protective coating/film, or just wanting to give your vehicle the love it deserves, there is no better place in Seattle and Monroe than APC Auto Spa. Step in today and experience the APC difference - where every detail and every relationship genuinely matters.

Ceramic Pro Snohomish Ceramic Pro Seattle 425-818-2820

14286 169th Drive SE 1050 Industry Drive

Monroe, Washington 98272 Tukwila, Washington 98188


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